Power Leveling

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Power Leveling

Post by Concordia Palenix on Mon Dec 28, 2015 9:08 pm

While I recomend doing the story for the enjoyment, sometimes grinding is necessary. Zen imam seems to be against grinding and have made a number of nerfs to grind spots but here is a rough map put together by Rakashi for what used to work:

For vet levels, I believe what works is to head into the imperial sewers (if you have the DLC) and run with a group. The xp comes in pretty fast plus you collect Tel Var stones and items like 'dark ether' which lead to a chance at the valuable sets of Willpower, Agility and Endurance.

If you have Orsinium, consider heading into Wrothgar and running laps of the public dungeons. The re spawn rate of mobs is pretty fast plus you might come across a rare ancient Orc motif page.
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