Role Play Rules

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Role Play Rules

Post by Concordia Palenix on Wed Dec 30, 2015 5:26 pm

Rules for roleplay.
1. Be respectful
Sometimes the situation can become tense, please remember there is another person on the other side of that screen. Show them the same respect with which you would like to be treated during role play. There is a difference between what your character does and what you do.

2. No ‘Godmoding’ or ‘Meta-gaming’
Meta-gaming is taking an action that is so unlikely or unreasonable it would be inconsistent with the situation. For example: your opponent is holding up a shield and you say “my character stabs you in the face”. It could happen, but it is highly unlikely as the opponent was braced for the attack behind their shield. Think. How would I feel if someone just bypassed my action?
Godmoding is taking an impossible action that could not happen given the situation. For example: your opponent is immobilised in chains and when you swing your sword they say “I dodge your attack and laugh at your feeble attempt”. They couldn’t have done that. They were immobilised. In chains.

3. Do not mix in character (IC) and out of character (OoC)
When in character, use the appropriate language. It gives character and depth the interaction. “This one thinks the emperor should take a bath.” is a khajiit Or “as he bids the traveller farewell he says ‘may rain always be at your back to moisten your scales and the river lead you swiftly home’” is an argonian.
What you should NOT do is use internet language such as ‘lol’ or ‘ XD ’ when you’re speaking as your character. Individual style is fine, colloquialism could be justified, but not internet talk. Do not say “he ROFLed at the joke told by the orc XD”….rather say “he clutched his sides in laughter at the joke spoken by the orc”.
If you would like to speak out of character indicate. You can use (( or ((* to indicate the following words are out of character.

4. Own up to mistakes and acknowledge good roleplay
It’s okay to admit you made a mistake. Just indicate that you’re speaking out of character and call it out. We can all then move on and keep having fun.
It is also not a bad idea to compliment a good roleplay. Just because you’re enemies in character doesn’t mean you can’t applaud the actual person behind them who took a brilliant move.

5. ERP must be consensual
Don't be a creep. Any erotic role play is only to happen with the other person's consent (also, make sure you confirm they're old enough). It may be an offence in your/their location to engage in such acts with a minor.

6. Have fun
Remember to have fun. The objective is still to have a good time. Engage as your character and it’ll be easy. There are times when the Empire will need you to be present for a particular event. But at others, attendance is less critical. If you’d like to leave a RP, just do it in character and we can roll with it. Or speak to one of the officers who can help you extricate yourself. No sense getting frustrated if you’re on the sidelines waiting for the RP to end.
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