Marching and Formation commands (OOC posting)

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Marching and Formation commands (OOC posting)

Post by AeiruneMaldvey on Fri Jan 01, 2016 12:33 am

Since part of the job of the Legion is to impress our enemies (and allies) with the unity and strength of the forces of the Empire, it is helpful to look unified and impressive.

Formation generally refers to getting into positions as required by the situation, and not moving (that is Marching). Because various situations can require different formations, it is up to the OIC (Officer In Charge) to determine how the formation should look and give orders to the Legionnaires to make the formation happen. Some general rules for formations:

  • Those who are not in proper uniform are in the back of the formation, regardless of rank
  • Order goes from most senior at the front and left (as the formation faces forward) of the formation (closes to the OIC) to the lowest rank in the back
  • The OIC will typically stand at the front of the formation

These are general rules, and the specific needs of the formation can break any (or all) of the rules.

Typically the senior NCO (Non-Commission Officer) will get everyone in formation, run through a roster, then report to the OIC of the unit that all are "present and accounted for" meaning that everyone is either in formation or the reason they are not present is known. What tradition we want to use (e.g. General Concordia gets the Legion herded together then reports the Present and Accounted for to the Emperor or the High General) is to be determined.

When you are dismissed from a formation, the military movement is to take one step backwards, about face, and then you may move about as you wish.

Facing commands are given to change the direction a formation is facing. In ESO these are really hard to pull off since to change your direction you generally have to walk, which takes away from the ability to turn in place that facing commands require. If we can figure a way around that then the facing commands (Left Face, Right Face, About Face) can be used.

Marching is moving in some semblance of order. Commands for marching are done with a 'preparatory' and an 'execution' . For example:

Preparatory Execution
"Forward" "March"
"Left" "Turn"

The preparatory lets everyone knows what is going to happen, the Execution lets them know when it will happen. These commands are up to the OIC leading the march to call out properly, so if you are the person in charge be sure to time it so that there is enough time to give out the commands, those in the front of the ling need to watch for the commands, and those who are following really just need to follow the person ahead of them.

From a practical standpoint, if there is going to be a march as part of a planned RP event, it would be a good idea to do a walk-through with as many participants as possible before the event will happen so that everyone is familiar with the planned route. That way the commands are more of a flourish and everyone is really just following the predetermined route.

As a general rule, if you are not first in line, simply follow the person in front of you.

As I said, this is meant as a introduction to some of the basic concepts that I learned from my time in the Navy (yes, we do march and stand in formations in the Navy), but we will need to tweak them to make them work in game.

Other thoughts and comments welcome.

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Re: Marching and Formation commands (OOC posting)

Post by Concordia Palenix on Fri Jan 01, 2016 12:45 am

Great write up. I'm keen to get everyone to read this post, so a definite thumbs up!

If there's one thing I can add from a practical ESO point of view, members should try to keep in line with the person(s) next to them in the row. Preferably if you find yourself ahead of your row, just wait briefly so they can catch up.

For those who don't know how to toggle walk/run, you go to 'controls', 'key bindings' and under 'general' there is the 'toggle walk/run' key. Note that it is unbound by default so you will need to assign it a key before you participate in formations.
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