Vanilla's story for now

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Vanilla's story for now

Post by Steffiekun on Sun Jan 03, 2016 12:47 pm


Born in 2E 559 and raised near the town of Chorrol, Vanilla was apparently named after an rare plant that her father had the luck to had tasted.

In her childhood, she would always go on hunting trips in the Great Forest east of Chorrol with her father to help him take pelts back. She even survived an encounter with a bear one time she was lost in the Great Forest. As she grew up, she learned how to fight bears properly and was making money for the family by hunting bears on her own. In addition to hunting, she was also mentored by priestess of Stendarr which let her learned the skils and the art of Templar.

In 2E 573, she get to witness Varen Aquilarios rallying the imperial legion in Chorrol to overthrow Emperor Leovic. Seeing the imperial legion on the march inspired her to join the army but since she was merely only 14 year old, she decided she will have to wait for a few years.

5 years later, in 2E 578, she saw the effects of Soulburst, and Planemeld. Fissures appeared in Chorrol and daedra appears from the fissures. After 2 year of living in fear, Vanilla is convinced that there must be a strong leader just like Varen to lead the legion once again and ended this chaotic period.

However in 2E 580, she was captured by the worm cultists and was sacrificed. For 2 years she wondered around Coldharbor as a soul shiven until one day, she noticed an attempt to escape in coldharbor ( I will just pretend the Vestige is another person ), and in the chaos, she was able escaped Coldharbor, absorbed an skyshard along the way and landed near the Daggerfall safely.

It was there, she found the Draconic legion recruiting and now that she is of age and lost in an unknown land, she know her best bet will be to enlist in the legion, help end the chaotic time, take back her soul from Molag Bal.

In the present, when she is off duty from the legion, she would be an adventurer helping people who are in need of help in Highrock, and defeating Molag Bal's minions whenever she finds them. One day while defeating the bloodfiends in Ravenspire, she was bitten by one of them in combat. However due to the heat of the battle, she didn't notice the small bite and carried on. When she realized it, it was too late, she is now an vampire.


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Re: Vanilla's story for now

Post by Concordia Palenix on Mon Jan 04, 2016 12:01 am

Thanks for posting, I like the story very much. I'm curious if you did actually accidentally become a vampire or not, I can see it happening for sure as those bloodfiends don't appear any different non-vampire ones!
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