Tier 1 Roleplay Combat

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Tier 1 Roleplay Combat

Post by Concordia Palenix on Mon Jan 04, 2016 5:48 pm

Today we ran a training session to explain and practice ‘Tier 1’ roleplay combat. For reference (and for those who weren’t able to attend the training) here is a guide for  how to engage in Tier 1 combat.

Tier 1 Combat
Tier 1 combat is descriptive paragraph roleplay. The idea is to be descriptive in your actions such that reading the flow of combat is like reading a scene from a novel. Attention to detail is required in describing the combat.

Combat is turn based with each player taking turns describing their actions. Players are allowed one attack per turn or one block + one counter during their turn. If you need to use more than the character limit to describe your action that is fine, just use a (c) to indicate it will be continued. Players indicate their turn is complete by placing an (e) at the end of their paragraph.

Concordia: “Steps forward drawing her blade in a smooth motion as she steps toward the armoured knight infront of her. She digs her heels into the sand feeling the coarse grains grate against the soles of her boots as she shifts her weight to the balls of her feet. She searches for an opening before placing her weight behind her right shoulder to lunge towards her opponent’s chest aiming to drive her blade clean through his back. (e)”

Block and counter:
Opponent: “Watches as Concordia shifts her weight, he grips the leather-bound handle of his greatsword tighter, he shakes his head to clear the sweat from his brow. Seeing his opponent lunge forward with her blade, he brings his greatsword across his body swiftly to deflect her blow. He carries through with his momentum to drive his shoulder into her chest in an attempt to topple her backwards. (e)”

Care must be taken to not verge on the side ‘god-moding’ as it is very easy to get carried away in combat and attempt to land a hit without being fair to your opponent. Some golden rules to remember are that you cannot kill or maim another player character without their consent, so don’t even try to attain a kill without permission. In addition, no attack is guaranteed. This means you can’t be sure that your attack will connect the way you wanted it to as it is combat after all and your opponent will take every action to avoid you.

1. Why must we use Tier 1?
We want to establish ourselves as a leading roleplay guild in the Daggerfall Covenant. This means we need hold ourselves to a high quality in all that we do. This includes being able to show off we know how to engage in the highest form of IC roleplay.

2. What about other tiers?
We may move to use tier 2 combat in time. For the moment, we will focus on getting everyone up to speed on Tier 1. Once we are all consistently comfortable with Tier 1 we can discuss using other styles.

3. I am a magic user, what about me?
Each mage will have their own style however, great care needs to be given when you cast spells so as not to appear over-powered (‘OP’). In a way, IC combat is really about being a gentleman/lady. By following the basic principles of not assuming guaranteed hits or successful attacks, you should be able to steer clear of any problems.
Remember, half the fun of Tier 1 role play is the descriptive picture you paint. Make use of this in your spells and everyone can have enjoy the experience!

Further reading:
For more detail on Tier 1 and Other Tiers of roleplay combat please refer to these resources.



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