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Arthur Bosmerbane

Post by Arthur Bosmerbane on Mon Dec 28, 2015 3:35 pm

As an infant, he was found in the wreckage of an aldmeri war galley on the shores of Hammerfell. The mercenaries who found him decided to raise him as one of their own, despite having no experience raising children. He grew up amongst these rogues and travelled all across Tamriel  learning to make gold any way he could. Wherever he went, he always sought answers about his parentage and where he was from, to no avail. However, at the age of nineteen, his journeys took him to a village elder in Black Marsh who told Arthur that his parents were alive, and that he should seek them out in Skyrim and on the Summerset Isles. The shaman foretold that his parentage would change the course of the three-banners war, and that Arthur would have to tread carefully in the days to come, warning him that the forces of Oblivion were at play.

With this new sense of purpose, Arthur and his shield brothers sailed for Auridon immediately. However, a band of Maomer pirates caught them off the coast of Valenwood, and he was sold into slavery and brought to Pyandonea. While grudgingly serving as a pit-fighter in the sea elves' city, he prayed, for the first time in his life, begging the divines for a way back home. He found it. Using sheer tactical cunning, Arthur managed to sneak aboard a maomer vessel and hide in a crate full of skooma. Unfortunately, he was discovered after sneezing somewhere on the Abecean Sea. The elves promptly threw him overboard, laughing as he desperately paddled along, despite the oncoming storm. The last thing Arthur remembered was the crack of lightning before he woke up on the docks of the bustling city of Daggerfall.

Ragged, hungry, and shivering, his survival instincts immediately kicked in and he stole a set of armor. Still dazed and confused, he made his way down to the tavern, in the hopes of finding a contract or serving under a noble. What he found in that tavern was Damin Cyrod, first of his name, a wise, charismatic, and benevolent leader. What he found was comraderie with his fellow legionnaires. What he'd found, was a home.
Shortly after, Damin Cyrod was replaced by Aurius Septimus, who led with with a gentle but stern hand, which Arthur supposed was alright.
Appearance: Roguishly handsome, with a scar running down his face, courtesy of a naomer gladiator.
Personality: When he travelled with the mercenaries, he was often referred to as "The Tongue-and-Cheek Knight". What he certainly doesn't lack in strength and good looks he exceeds in sheer wit and japes of the highest taste.

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Re: Arthur Bosmerbane

Post by Concordia Palenix on Mon Dec 28, 2015 4:11 pm

Thank you for posting!

I can certainly see now where Arthur has developed his characteristic rouge-ish streak. I look forward to seeing what kind of mischief Arthur gets up to.

(partly) in jest - use paragraphs though, eh?
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